John Morris and Zorkbo the alien had a unique relationship, with Morris being an alien fanatic and Zorkbo an actually alien. Other than that oddity, Morris and Zorkbo had one of the happiest and most stable relationships in all of Elwood. Zorkbo was forced to leave Earth to her home planet in A Galactic Farewell.

Before ElwoodEdit

In the Volume 3 issue The Zorkbo Files, Zorkbo describes the details of how she and Morris met. During a dog show sometime before Elwood, Morris notices crop circles and otherworldy designs in a cornfield. Zorkbo's ship is hovering overhead, and she reveals that she is an alien from Zionica sent as ambassador to Earth. Morris then asks her out for coffee.

Volume 3Edit

Morris and Zorkbo's relationship was briefly revealed in The Baxterette, Part 2 after Morris' failed date with Bitzi Baxter. In Aliens Among Us, we see the details and hardships of an alien living on Earth. Morris was wary of bringing Zorkbo out in public, for fear of causing a panic or even someone taking her away from him. They had a close call at the General Store when Zorkbo's hoodie fell off, exposing her to the shoppers.

Volume 4Edit

While on a drive somewhere outside of Roswell, Morris and Zorkbo's car is hit head-on by a government SUV. Zorkbo is kidnapped by the government and brought to Area 51, where they attempt to perform tests on her. Morris tries to save her, but Zorkbo's time has come: she chooses to depart this planet (A Galactic Farewell).