Mr. Morris, or just simply Morris, is an alien-fanatic, former janitor at Lakewood Elementary, and friend of Buster Baxter. He lives in Roswell, New Mexico, which is apparently considered a prime alien spot. He is extremely obsessed with aliens, and has multiple alien-themed piercings and tattoos (including a foil hat). These features disappear in later issues.


In the original Arthur series, Mr. Morris worked as the Lakewood Elementary janitor until Season 7, when he moved to Roswell, New Mexico, to "live with his daughter."

Later, Buster and Bitzi Baxter visit Morris in hopes of wooing him to marry Bitzi (The Baxterette, Part 1). At first Morris is interested, but when Bitzi tells him she doesn't believe in aliens, he breaks down and reveals that he already has a girlfriend, Zorkbo, who is an alien (The Baxterette, Part 2).

Morris and Zorkbo had a strange relationship, considering her extraterrestrial origins. Morris was wary of taking her out in public, because of unwanted attention (Aliens Among Us). Eventually, Zorkbo is discovered by the U.S. government and brought to Area 51, where they conduct experiments on her. Morris comes to save her, but when he arrives Zorkbo breaks free of her shackles and blasts off into space (A Galactic Farewell).

Mr. Morris attended the funeral of Bitzi Baxter (Touched by an Angel).