In this issue, Mrs. MacGrady comes down with a flesh-eating bacteria, just after serving the entire school's food!


In the episode, Francine greets Mrs. MacGrady supposedly from returning from cancer. Mrs. MacGrady serves Francine a glob of food, but then she notices her hand feels funny. Suddenly, Mrs. MacGrady's hand begins withering and steaming, as she screams "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?"

Mrs. MacGrady is rushed to the hospital emergency room, where it's discovered that she has contracted flesh-eating bacteria. The doctor says that it is the worst case yet.

Back at the school, the students realize that their food tastes "kind of funny." Suddenly everyone's skin erupts into flesh-eating bacteria, because Mrs. MacGrady served them all infected food.

News reporters surround the school, with headlines like "School infected with flesh-eating bacteria" and rightfully blaming Mrs. MacGrady.

Then, the withered and severed carcass of Mrs. MacGrady dies in the hospital.


Unidentified charactersEdit

Bear1 Unidentified male bear doctor
Monkey2 Unidentified female monkey nurse
Cat1 Unidentified cat newswoman
Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • This episode has a corresponding Elwood Alive. episode.
  • This is Mrs. MacGrady's first and only appearance.


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