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Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire[1] (born May 25, 2006) is a spoiled bratty monkey. She is extremely wealthy and quite rude to her friends and classmates. Muffy and Francine Frensky used to be friends until they split up over their siblings' relationship romantic relationship.


Muffy Alice Crosswire was born to Ed and Millicent Crosswire, a highly wealthy family. She has an older brother, Chip Crosswire, who currently attends Tallahassee Tech. The Crosswires moved to Elwood City when Muffy was 7, and she was enrolled to Lakewood Elementary, going into 2nd Grade. Muffy (partially) befriended many other kids at the school, and is currently in 3rd Grade.

Crosswire Mansion burningEdit

Muffy's butler, Bailey, became fed-up with the family's demands. After a few physical assaults, Bailey set the Crosswire Mansion ablaze with a lit match (Bailey's Breakdown). Muffy and her father, Ed, were known to be inside the mansion when the arson was committed. Millicent Crosswire's whereabouts were unknown at the time of the fire. Muffy survived the fire; This is known because she in later events.

Love interestsEdit

At the 2015 Lakewood Prom, Muffy was seen dancing with Binky Barnes.




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