Oliver Frensky was the father of Francine and Catherine Frensky, and the husband of Laverne Frensky. He worked as a garbage man. When he was fired from his job, He died.


Oliver worked as a "sanitation engineer" in Elwood City. He married Laverne at an unknown time, and they had Catherine Frensky. About nine years later, they had Francine Frensky. Eight years later, Oliver was fired as a sanitation engineer.


After Oliver was fired, he realized that his family had no chance of surviving much longer without his job. Devastated, he did suicide by jumping out of the Westboro Apartment Building. His family was left to fend for themselves after Oliver's death.



  • He is the 2nd case of suicide the in show, the first being Emily.
  • Oliver's final words were, "GOODBYE WORLD!"