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Pickles is a professional clown in Elwood City, who is allergic to dogs. He appears to be a psychopathic murderer, and possibly a cannibal. Not much is known about his past, except for the background mentioned by Grandma Tibble (Pickles, Part 1). In 1964, Pickles "devoured" every preschooler in Elwood City, and was sent to an insane asylum.


On October 29, 2014, the deranged clown escaped the insane asylum and murdered Grandma Tibble, possibly indicating that she was the sole survivor of Pickles' massacre fifty years ago.

Pickles is a ruthless murderer. He is shown to brutally torture and mutilate his victims, until murdering and sometimes even devouring them. D.W. Read is his only known victim to escape from him, but only after she was barbarically tortured and mutilated (Pickles, Part 4).

D.W. escaped Pickles' den of horror when Maryann the dog accidentally walked in, and Pickles started coughing because he's allergic to dogs. D.W. took the opportunity to hurl a butcher knife at him, chopping off his right arm. Pickles escaped the scene before police arrived, and remained at large (Pickles, Part 5).

Two months later, Pickles tracked down D.W. to reap his revenge. He cut off her arm as payment for when she chopped off his right arm. Pickles was shot in the head repeatedly with a machine gun by David Read (Pickles II: The Reaping). Somehow, Pickles escaped the Read household alive.


Pickles' arm is a emerging topic in Elwood. On October 29, 2014, Pickles' arm was cut off by D.W. Read when she threw a knife at his shoulder. About four months later, on January 25, 2015, Pickles snuck into D.W. Read's home for revenge. He assaulting the girl, and sliced off her own arm with his fingernail. Pickles attached D.W.'s severed arm to his bloody stub, and was then attacked by D.W.'s father. The next day, D.W. had been rushed to the hospital. The doctors struggled to find a replacement arm, so the took Pickles' arm. "This one was found at a murder scene. It just says...Pickles," said one of the doctors. The doctors sewed Pickles' old arm to D.W.'s stub. In the end, D.W. and Pickles switched arms.