"The tacky bow, the beady eyes—you're just hideous!"
Muffy Crosswire rudely describing Prunella.
Prunella Deegan is a young female rat-poodle. She is known for being mystically inclined, involved in dark and strange subjects such as fortune-telling, witchcraft, and voodoo.

Prunella lives with her mother, Wanda Deegan, and her much older sister, Rubella Deegan. Her mother is single after breaking up with Prunella's father, Nigel Ratburn, a rat. The inter-species union makes Prunella and her sister rare halfbreeds.[4]

Prunella and her family seem to practice the Rat God religion, where they worship a rat deity. Prunella was once considered the sole prophet of the religion.[3]


Prunella was born to Wanda Deegan and Nigel Ratburn in 2004 or 2005, after the couple already had Prunella's sister, Rubella Deegan. Her mother is a poodle and her father is a rat, making her a halfbreed. Sometime after Prunella's birth and before 2014, her father and moved informally seperated, because it was dangerous to be an inter-species couple before it was legal. Prunella did not know who her father was until 2014.


Prunella is a scrawny rat-like poodle. She is in fourth grade, unlike many of the other characters who are in third grade. She has puffy hair and she wears a bow, and a button-down dress with a collar. Unlike the other characters, Prunella's eyes are small and beady. This was addressed in the issue Do You See What I See?




  1. She was in fourth grade from 2014 to 2015, which likely means she turned 10 between August 1, 2014 and July 31, 2015 (Elwood Wiki uses those dates as a standard school cut-off range, but unique cases do exist).
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