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Nigel Ratburn and Wanda Deegan were at one point married, as revealed in The Unthinkable. Their inter-species marriage was illegal, because Wanda is a poodle and Ratburn is a rat. They have two children, who are halfbreeds: Prunella and Rubella Deegan.

Before ElwoodEdit

Sometime between 1996 and 2006 (the birth dates of their two children), Nigel Ratburn and Wanda Deegan were wed, probably in secret because of the inter-species ban. Soon after, Rubella then Prunella were born.

It is unknown when Nigel and Wanda were separated, but it was at least nine years before the events of Elwood. It seems that they decided to separate so they didn't have to risk getting arrested.

Volume 8Edit

In the issue The Unthinkable, Wanda finally reveals to