In this issue, Mr. Ratburn and Miss Sweetwater's secret relationship is exposed.


At the school, Mr. Ratburn announces to the class that he has to attend a very important meeting. The class is unimpressed, and as Ratburn walks out the door, he gives them an assignment to write a report on why rats are the master race. Brain starts writing immediately.

In the teacher's lounge, Ratburn and Miss Sweetwater are kissing passionately. They continue to embrace, but suddenly Sweetwater is hesitant. She says, "We can't keep seeing each other... if someone find out..." implying that they've been meeting for a while. Ratburn shushes her, and tells her to savor the moment. At that exact moment, George bursts in to ask a question (probably about the report). He freezes, mouth agape, when sees Ratburn and Sweetwater together. The couple is frozen, eyes bulging.


Bold = Major role
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  • This issue was first released at Ratwater, and "Unveiled" was added later. Then, the title was shortened to just Ratwater, Part 1.
  • This issue and the other four parts of it's story have gone through multiple name changes. At first, each issue had their own name. Then, the title "Ratwater" was added to the beginning of each title. Then, it was made into a 5-part story.


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