In this issue, Ratburn becomes George's slave in order to keep his relationship with Miss Sweetwater a secret.


After school, George is negotiating with Mr. Ratburn, now that he knows all about the teachers' secret relationship. Ratburn agrees to do whatever George wants, in return for George keeping quiet about the couple.

Three days later, Ratburn has been giving George special treatment all week. He hands him a test, which is another 'A.' Francine and Brain begin to grow suspicious of George, because of Ratburn's apparent favoritism. Ratburn massages George behind an oblivious Francine.

Back in the janitor's closet (Ratburn and Sweetwater's hiding spot), Ratburn assures Sweetwater that everything is going to plan, and that nobody suspects a thing about their relationship. Sweetwater is not convinced, and she begins to question their relationship. She says, "My career is on the line, and if you don't respect that... you don't deserve me." She then runs out of the closet crying, as Ratburn tries to make her reconsider.


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