In this issue, Nigel Ratburn and Miss Sweetwater are preparing for Thanksgiving, but Nigel's plans are derailed when Sweetwater reveals that her parents are visiting.


At Miss Sweetwater's house, Sweetwater is doing the dishes when Nigel, her boyfriend, kisses her on the cheek. She asks what it was for, and he says "it's the season of thankfulness, honey". It's Thanksgiving! Sweetwater turns back to the dishes and nonchalantly tells Nigel that her parents are coming over for Thanksgiving. Nigel spits out the wine he was drinking, astonished. Sweetwater's parents don't even know that she is dating a rat yet! Sweetwater insists that it will all be fine, as long at Nigel wears the sweater her mother gave them. The door bell rings, and Nigel reluctantly slips into the sweater. At the door are two old rabbits staring judgmentally.


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  • This is one of the Thanksgiving-themed issues.
  • This issue marks the debut of Sweetwater's parents.


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