This article is written from a real-world point of view

This article is written from a real-world point of view, meaning it is not in the universe of Elwood or Arthur, it's in our universe.

Samuel Anderson, often called Sam (known as Samuel2097 online), is a comic illustrator, cartoonist, TV show producer, and writer. He is the illustrator and creator of Elwood, a fanfiction/webcomic, although he was first known for the highly successful webseries, Judge Mia. Judge Mia ran for 11 seasons.

History of Elwood

Pre-Elwood Era

Samuel Anderson had been a fan of Arthur from his infancy, but by the time he entered his teen years he had grown tired of the characters and arcs.
"I found that the Arthur characters had become dull and predictable... and that's when I claimed them for my own."
—Samuel Anderson
 Anderson realized that he could use the characters in his own storylines, and so became Elwood.

Production of Elwood

Volume 1 was released to the public in May 2014, and the franchise grew from there. Using the characters from Arthur, Anderson created his own world consisting of complicated and amusing plotlines.
"Although Arthur was the pivotal figure in the PBS show, I like to think that all characters are equal in Elwood. We see their stories unfold alongside each other, whether they ever intersect or not, they all make up the same world."
—Samuel Anderson
One of the main goals of the comic is to explore scenarios that would never be considered on Arthur; mature plotlines such as Bitzi and Bo Baxter's divorce, and Jane Read being abused by her drunk husband.

Production of a single issue usually starts off brainstorming plot ideas with Anderson's creative consultant, Bennett Joel. Then the screenplay is written, and the comic is eventually illustrated. Sometimes an Elwood Alive episode will by produced to go along with the comic.

Credits on episodes


The logo on the top left of each comic, from Volume 1 to 3.

From Volume 1 to 2 (issues 1 to 41), Anderson's name was at the top of every comic, under the Elwood logo. By the second issue of Volume 4, the byline was removed, and nothing but the Elwood logo is shown.

Future works

On December 29, 2014, Samuel Anderson revealed plans to create a Cyberchase comic, similar to Elwood. Cyberchase is a education childrens' math TV series that airs on the same channel that Arthur does. It features three children from earth going to a computer, and helping the Motherboard in cyberspace. The currently unnamed comic series would take the same form as Elwood; A fanfiction-comedy-drama. The next day, same revealed that instead of a limited 9-panel format, the new series would be created in comic books with multiple pages.

On Janurary 1, 2015, Cyberchase For Real: The Comic was released. It is a miniseries featuring spoofs of the For Real segment of Cyberchase. Sam desribes the series as a "temporary teaser" for the real Cyberchase comic, which will still be released later in 2015. Cyberchase For Real: The Comic was cancelled on January 11, 2015, after running for 7 issues.

March 2, 2015, Sam confirmed that a new webseries, not a webcomic, will be released after Elwood ends.