In this issue, Bitzi is still upset about her failed wedding. Buster hatches a plan to boost his mom's spirits and make her believe in aliens...introduce her to Mr. Morris.


At the Baxters' house, Bitzi wallows in her self-pity about her failed wedding to Harry Mills (I Wanna Marry Harry, Part 2). Buster realizes that this is his chance to make his mom believe in aliens... by getting her to marry Mr. Morris, alien enthusiast extraordinaire.

Buster tells his idea to Bitzi. Extremely desperate, she immediately leaves for New Mexico. When they arrive in Roswell, Buster wants to stop at the alien gift shop, but Bitzi responds with an emphatic no.

At Mr. Morris' house, he is wearing all of his alien gear. Buster introduces them, but Bitzi is disgusted.


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