In this issue, Bitzi is about to be executed, but Bo cuts in, and it leaves everyone wondering who loves who.


Bitzi is sitting in the electric chair, begging Bo to "let [her] die in peace." Bo asks the warden if can pull the electrocution lever, and the warden is obliged. From behind the glass, Buster starts to cry. Bo grabs the lever, and screams "This is for murdering my family!" Bitzi replies, saying she is his family. A look of love and regret crosses Bo's face...but it is quickly replaced by a furious scowl. Bo pulls down the lever hard. Bitzi is electrocuted. Buster is completely sobbing, and he pounds on the glass. When the electricity turns off, and Bitzi's corpse sits lifelessly, Buster collapses into tears. Bo puts a hand on the corpse's shoulder, as says "Goodbye, Bitzi."


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • This is a major event in Elwood history, because it marks the death of a major character.


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