In this issue, David Read urges his mother, Thora, to invest in LifeAlert due to her advanced age. She refuses, and it does not end well.


David begins to have a serious talk with his mother. He says that, since she is old and lives by herself, she needs LifeAlert in case anything happens to her. Thora is gravely offended, and insists that she doesn't need his help.

The next day, Thora falls down the steps while ridiculing her son. She utters the iconic phrase, "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Later, in a LifeAlert commercial, Thora reveals that the fall was the most frightening moment of her life. She recalls how David was scheduled to visit for her daily diaper change. David is amused by Thora's lameness.


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  • LifeAlert is a real company. This issue parodies their infamous commercials of old ladies falling.


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