In this issue, Jenna develops anorexia when Muffy convinces her that she's fat.


At school in the lunchroom, Jenna is eating her sandwich (cut in half). Muffy mistakes it for two sandwiches, and criticizes Jenna on her gluttonous ways. Then Muffy launches into a rant about fat people and Prunella joins the bandwagon. They both bully Jenna and tell her she's fat.

That night, Jenna looks at herself in the mirror holding her side flab. To her horror, she concludes that she is fat.

One week later, Jenna returns to school. She is horribly disfigured and wrinkly. She is very bony and skinny. Prunella and Muffy are revolted to see Jenna like this, and Muffy screams "KILL IT!!!" Jenna reveals that she's only eaten field greens for the past week, but now that she's skinny she requests a friendship with Muffy. Muffy obvious rejects Jenna's offer, and redirects her to a skeleton.


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  • Muffy thinks that Jenna is eating two sandwiches, but she actually just has one sandwich cut into two pieces.


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