In this issue, a student, who is a cow, comes to Lakewood and everyone wants her milk and cheese.


At Lakewood Elementary, Mr. Ratburn is introducing the new student, who is a cow. He makes a pun, calling her a "moo" student. Nigel breaks down hysterically laughing, will the new student rolls her eyes and says "Never heard that one before." The cow goes on to introduce herself; She is Fannie from Wisconsin. The class looks bored, and George awkwardly coughs. Later, in the lunchroom, students call over for Fannie to sit at their table. Fannie sits down next to Arthur. When Arthur runs out of milk, he asks Fannie is she has any extra. Oblivious, Fannie asks why Arthur thinks she'd have milk. Muffy comes over and asks for a curd of cheese. Astonished, Fannie tells them they've "got it all wrong." Then, Arthur loudly announces to the entire lunchroom that Fannie is giving out "free milk and cheese." The students start rioting next to Fannie, throwing milk cartons at her. The issue ends with Fannie saying "Not again..."


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • The title is a pun. It sounds like "The New Kid," but the new kids is a cow, so it's "The Moo Kid."
  • Although Jenna Morgan is lactose intolerant, in panel 9 she is shown throwing a milk carton in the crowd screaming "MILK! CHEESE!" at Fannie. This can probably be explained that she just grabbed the carton off the floor, and was not actually drinking it.


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