In this issue, protests erupt in front of city hall against the arrest of Emily's inter-species parents.


On the news, the top story is "Mass Tantrum in Downtown." The anchorwoman explains the situation, saying "Hundreds have gathered outside city hall this morning, in protest of a local inter-species couple's recent arrest (referring to Living Illegal)." An angry mob stands in front of the camera, flailing picket signs promoting the legalization of inter-species marriage. A mother from Elwood City Preschool is being interviewed, and she says, "I know that couple. They were married ten years before their arrest." Another interviewee explains, "We will not stop until inter-species marriage is legal in all 50 states." A young couple now stands in front of the camera, professing their inter-species love for each other.

Suddenly, the anchorwoman receives word that Mayor Hirsch will be addressing the situation. The Mayor takes the podium, and explains that "the law is the law, and it will stay that way." This sends the crowd into an uproar. Taken aback, Mayor Hirsch promises the release of the inter-species couple that was arrested. In front of the crowd, Emily's parents emerge from a prison van, obviously exhausted.


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