In this issue, Bo picks up a new girlfriend at a local nightclub and brings her home, much to Buster's disgust.


At the nightclub, a strange lady (named Chelsea) is staring at Bo seductively. Bo gets the hint and goes over to her, dropping the cheesiest pickup line imaginable: "Are you Tony Tiger? Because you look grrrrrrrrreat!" In an effort to look cool, Chelsea steals Bo's pickup line and says it exactly the same to him. Bo is not amused.

Back at Bo's apartment, Buster is slaving away scrubbing the floor. Bo and his new girlfriend Chelsea come in the door. Bo tells Chelsea, "Just ignore my idiotic son," and Chelsea agrees. Buster is annoyed and offended that Bo would get a new girlfriend so soon after Bitzi's death, and he lashes out at Chelsea. Chelsea is infuriated, and she calls Buster a "little fool." Bo and Chelsea then unite and Chelsea announces that she hates kids.


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  • The issue's name comes from the fact that Chelsea is Bo's third relationship featured on Elwood: Bitzi was first, Kara second, and now Chelsea.


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