In this issue, Buster mourns for his dead mother, Bitzi, at her funeral.


At Bitzi's funeral, Bitzi's former lover, Harry Mills, gives his respects for the dead. Buster, dressed in overly-elegant funeral attire, is standing on the front row. He is the only person in the building besides Mr. Morris. Harry reads his poem dedicated to Bitzi: "Roses are red, violets are blue; you are now dead, but I love you."

At the reception, Buster is saddened to see a carrot cake (Bitzi's favorite cake). Harry reads Bitzi's will, which reveals that she gave everything she owned to Brain, because he picked out the hat that matched her eyes (referring to the Arthur episode, Mr. Alwaysright, when Brain picked out a hat for Bitzi's birthday that was better than the one Buster chose). All three of Bitzi's former lovers are shocked and disgusted at Brain's sudden involvement. The "Prison warden" presents Bitzi's diary to Buster, which was found in her cell after the execution. Buster takes the book with reverence. Bo is still infuriated about Bitzi's will, so he calls Buster over to leave.

At Bo's apartment, Buster is sitting on a heap of trash (Bo is apparently a hoarder). He begins reading his mother's diary, but before he gets to the gushy stuff, Bo rips it out of Buster's hand.


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  • Bitzi writes in her diary in The Day of Reckoning, Part 1. The diary can be seen left in her cell on panel four, as Bitzi is walking away to her execution.
  • According to Buster, Bitzi's favorite cake is carrot cake. This is a subliminal reference to the fact that Bitzi is a rabbit.


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