In this issue, Bitzi is put on trial for the murder of Kara and Baby B.


Judge Fierce calls the court to session. Bitzi Baxter is on trial for murdering Kara and Baby B. Baxter with her car. The audience is shocked and disturbed. Judge Fierce tells Bitzi that the crime is worthy of dead, but she pleads innocent. Judge Fierce screams "SILENCE!" and asks for her defense. Bitzi calls in her son Buster as her only defense. Buster presents a bouquet of wilted flowers and says, "Please don't kill me mommy." Judge Fierce is not impressed. The judge then calls in the prosecutor, to the horror of Bitzi. Trial and Error, Part 2.


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • The portions of the audience that is shown includes Arthur, Jenna, and the Brain.
  • In the original draft, Buster said "Please don't kill my mommy" in panel 7. It was later changed to "Please don't kill me mommy" after being suggested by Bennett Joel.


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