In this issue, the trial of Bitzi Baxter continues, with Bo as the prosecution.


Judge Fierce asks Bo to share his "tragic story," referring to Bitzi's alleged murder of Kara and Baby B. Baxter. Bo seems severely traumatized, albeit as a facade. He reveals that Bitzi killed his family. Bitzi retaliates by saying, "You've tried to kill me and Buster countless times!" to which a guard replies "Shut up!"

Judge Fierce inquires Bo about his relation to Bitzi, a.k.a. "monster." Bo unveils the ugly truth: she's his ex-wife. The audience is horrified, as Bitzi fumes. Bo breaks down in tears, and immediately hands rush to comfort him. Judge Fierce consoles Bo, saying that Bitzi didn't deserve him.

At the close of the case, Judge Fierce is about to make his ruling. He concludes that she is guilty of murdering Bo's family. In despair, Bitzi begs him to reconsider. But the judge won't budge. Buster, Harry Mills, and John Morris are watching the case on TV as Judge Fierce gives Bo full custody of Buster. Buster is aghast, as this might as well be a death sentence for him. With Bo smirking in the background, the judge sentences Bitzi to execution on death row.


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • Bo was probably just faking his tears to sway the already malleable court.
  • The appearances of Harry Mills and John Morris alludes to their prior histories with Bitzi.


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