In this issue, Principal Haney schemes to go undercover and spy on the students, sensing that they are gossiping about him.


At the school cafeteria, Muffy and Jenna are talking about shoes. Principal Haney casually joins in the conversation. Both girls are disgusted and leave in a fit of rage.

In Principal Haney's office, Miss Tingley is consoling him. Francis believes that the students are gossiping about him, so he hatches a plan to go undercover and spy on them.

In the cafeteria, his disguise is revealed.


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • This is Francis Haney's first appearance, although he was mentioned in The Ratburn Scandal.
  • This issues is a parody/reference of the real-life show, Undercover Boss, which features CEOs working as an employee undercover in their company.


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