In this issue, Mr. Haney's new disguise is working wonders until he hears the students' thoughts about him.


After the events in Undercover Principal, Part 1, Francis now has a disguise to use in order to spy on the students, specifically Muffy and Jenna. In disguise, he reveals his name is Jasmine and he is eight years old. Muffy and Jenna are clearly not interested, thinking he is just another annoying new student.

They ignore "Jasmine" and start blathering about shoes. Francis realizes that he has to step up his game to get to the gushy stuff. So he quite bluntly screams at them, "What do you think about Principal Haney?!"

Muffy and Jenna call Principal Haney a hag and a klutz. Francis (still in disguise) is deeply hurt, and he screams "STOP IT!!!" and runs away sobbing. Jenna doesn't realize that Jasmine was actually Mr. Haney.


Bold = Major role
" " = unofficial name


  • Although Jenna is usually the shy introverted one, it seems that she is trying to climb the ladder to become popular, by copying Muffy and always agreeing with her.


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