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The first volume of Elwood contains 11 issues, including one two-parter, which were all released in May 2014. Volume 1 is the first of two volumes that do not have reliably-recorded release dates for each issue.


Volume 1 is one of the least-serialized volumes of Elwood, meaning that each issue is almost completely self-contained and there are no overarching story-lines. Some details from past issues do appear in later issues, however, such as the bullet wound in Muffy's forehead and the stitches in Buster's neck.


This volume was initially praised for its originality and comedy, but its art was criticized. As the series continued, retrospective critiques of Volume 1 were more harsh, and it came to be considered greatly inferior to the most recent issues.

List of issuesEdit


Screenshot Title Plot Released
001/1 001 Emily's Identity Crisis Emily finds out that she's a halfbreed. May 2014
002/2 002 Buster's Bloody Breakup Arthur breaks up with Buster. May 2014
003/3 003 The Return of Bo Bo returns to exact his revenge. May 2014
004/4 004 The Frenskys' Financial Failure Oliver loses his job, which sends his family plummeting into bankruptcy. May 2014
005/5 005 The Ratburn Scandal Ratburn wants Muffy's money. May 2014
006/6 006 Abducted by Tibbles DW is tortured by the Tibble Twins. May 2014
007/7 007 Brain Learns About Political Correctness Brain accidentally insults Lydia. May 2014
008/8 008 Mrs. MacGrady's Life-Threatening Disease After surviving cancer, Mrs. MacGrady gets another disease. May 2014
009/9 009 Alan's Plea Brain tries to get his friends to eat at his ice cream parlor instead of the Sugar Bowl. May 2014
010/10 010 Arthur's Alcoholic Atrocity, Part 1 David gets drunk and takes it out on his family. Can the Reads escape David's reign of terror? May 2014
011/11 011 Arthur's Alcoholic Atrocity, Part 2 May 2014
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