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The second volume of Elwood contains 17 issues, including two two-parters, which were all released in June 2014. Volume 2 is the second of two volumes that do not have reliably-recorded release dates for each issue

Volume 2 held the record for longest volume of Elwood until Volume 6, which had 22 issues.


Similar to Volume 1, Volume 2 has very few stories that expand past one issue. However, one of the first true story-lines gradually develops: The plights of Bitzi and the Baxter family become a common plot point throughout this volume.


Volume 2 has been called "notorious" for its poor artistry, stories, and characterization.[1] However, at the time of the volume's release, it was seen as an improvement over Volume 1.

List of issuesEdit


Screenshot Title Plot Released
012/1 012 Francine and the Killer Horse Francine is mauled by a rogue horse. June 2014
013/2 013 The Specially Gifted Club Lydia realizes that she is special. June 2014
014/3 014 Arthur and los Inmigrantes Ilegales The Molinas reveal that they are actually illegal immigrants. June 2014
015/4 015 Bo Goes Terrorist Bo snaps and flies a plane into the school in an effort to kill Bitzi and Buster. June 2014
016/5 016 Bo Goes Terrorist: The Aftermath June 2014
017/6 017 You Are Muffy You get a first person view of a day in the life of Muffy. June 2014
018/7 018 Return to Sender The Barneses decide to return Mei Lin. June 2014
019/8 019 Buster's Reality Shock Buster gets a camera that sees reality. June 2014
020/9 020 George's Termite Infestation When George gets infected with termites, they quickly spread throughout the school. June 2014
021/10 021 Prunella the Sewer Rat Prunella realizes that she's a rat, so she goes to live in the sewer. June 2014
022/11 022 The Secret Life of Bo Baxter Buster discovers the other side of his father. June 2014
023/12 023 I Wanna Marry Harry, Part 1 Bitzi tries to get remarried to make Bo jealous, but her new wedding goes awry. June 2014
024/13 024 I Wanna Marry Harry, Part 2 June 2014
025/14 025 CY83R8U11Y Muffy gets bullied online when her new hair-do gets ridiculed. June 2014
026/15 026 A Whale of a Slaughter Arthur and his dad try to catch the Whale of Whale Lake. June 2014
027/16 027 The Bane of Kwan D.W. stalks Michelle Kwan. June 2014
028/17 028 Desert Island DOOM! Mr. Ratburn sends the students off to a deserted island. June 2014