In this issue, we are given a first person view of Muffy Crosswire, during the day of The Ratburn Scandal.


The story is basically a repeat of The Ratburn Scandal, except from Muffy's point of view. She wakes up in the morning and asks Bailey for her crêpes, then does her hair and counts her money before going to school.

At school, Muffy is greeted by Francine. Later, Ratburn forces her to give him money by holding her at gunpoint. At home, Muffy is hesitant to reveal to her parents what happened. The next day, she is shot in the head by Ratburn.



  • This issue is similar to the Arthur episode, You Are Arthur, in which the audience sees through Arthur's eyes.
  • This issue's Elwood Alive episode is conjoined with The Ratburn Scandal's.


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