Zorkbo is an space alien (specifically Zionican) who visited Elwood City for a short time. She was the girlfriend of John Morris. She was originally from the planet Zionica. She left Earth when she escaped Area 51, but Samuel Anderson has confirmed that she will appear in a later issue[1].



Zorkbo telling Mr. Morris her mission, then flying away.

Zorkbo was born and raised on the planet Zionica (The Zorkbo Files). She traveled to Roswell, an Earth city, and made crop circles in a corn field (The Zorkbo Files). She was noticed by John Morris, and they agreed to go out for coffee together (The Zorkbo Files). He eventually became her boyfriend. Zorkbo started living on Earth with Mr. Morris permanently, and she disguised herself to avoid unwanted attention (Aliens Among Us). Eventually she was found by the government and brought to the Area 51 Testing Facility in Nevada (A Galactic Farewell). She launched back into space, presumably to return to Zionica, after revealing to Morris that her true mission was "to love" (A Galactic Farewell).


Due to her authoritative position as Zionican Ambassador to Earth, she was granted the power of flight by the Zionican government.




  1. Revealed at Elwoodstock I.